Study on the structural characteristics and in-vitro digestion behaviours of NZ goat and sheep milk

by Dr Siqi Li (Postdoctoral Fellow), Riddet Institute, Massey University New Zealand’s goat and sheep milk industries have seen rapid growth over the past years, playing an increasingly important role in diversifying the NZ dairy export portfolio. Ruminant milks from different species have different compositions and consumer perceptions of their health benefits, providing opportunities for […]

Goat kids are not small calves

by AgResearch post-doctoral scientist Melissa Hempstead When it comes to management of dairy goats, and specifically disbudding, it is important to keep front of mind the distinction between goat kids and calves.  Disbudding is a common management practice used by the dairy industry (goats and cattle) to prevent horn growth, but it inevitably causes pain […]

Exploring the digestion behaviour of goat and sheep milk

Debashree Roy setting up of the artificial stomach (Human Gastric Simulator). Dr Debashree Roy, Postdoctoral researcher, Riddet Institute. Contact: Goat milk and sheep milk are gaining strong consumer interest because of their perceived better nutrition and digestion properties. However, relatively little scientific research has been conducted to demonstrate how the digestion behaviour of goat […]